Why Did I Start a Blog?

I decided to really, actually, finally, start this blog for two reasons.

Reason one:

About a week ago, I dislocated my knee. Have you ever pulled a muscle, or broken a bone that inhibits your ability to manoeuvre through your life and daily activities in a normal way? Well if not, let me tell you this: It is absolutely terrible. If you know me, you know I’m not one to sit still for longer than one hour periods at a time before I need to either get up and do ten push ups, run up and down the stairs, or go shopping. But once I hurt my knee (running, by the way. I was literally on a run, ignored the pain, and when I got home I couldn’t walk.), I had to stay in one spot because even getting up took about five minutes. So needless to say, I had some time on my hands. Because I was stuck in bed. So why not start a blog?

Reason two:

Sometimes, usually after a mocha or a matcha latte or caffeine in any other form, I feel extremely inspired. Then, sit there feeling inspired for several minutes to several hours, do nothing while the inspiration fades, and then go back to scrolling endlessly through tumblr, Pinterest (yes I am 20 years old and have a Pinterest LET ME LIVE), or occasionally I’ll open a word doc, stare at it, and then check out what Netflix has to offer me based on my recent viewings. (Currently it’s a combination of crime shows, 80s movies, and…the Barbie movie. I like to watch Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse while I bathe IS THAT ALRIGHT WITH YOU?) But instead, I decided to start this blog because why not?

Oh wait there’s actually another reason that I just thought of: I love partaking in e x t r e m e l y self indulgent activities. So why not start a blog? I’m also going to post every Monday. Good luck, self.

Okay, so. All of that being said, I hope you as an individual will enjoy reading what I have to say about my life and experiences on some level. So until next time, BYE!


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