My Smooth(ie) Journey


If you’re like me, or even nothing like me at all, it’s important to have those things that get you up in the morning. Make you excited to get out of bed. And for me, one of those things is making smoothies. Okay, we can absolutely start at the beginning of this story because yes, there is absolutely a beginning.

Since I was born…well more like as far back as I can remember, my mom has always been adamant about taking me to the coolest, hippest smoothie spots around Chicago. It’s just something special for us to do together. When a new one opens, she knows about it. Like, practically the minute it opens. And then suddenly, we’re there. Everyone’s got a superpower. That’s hers.

After years of this activity, I started contemplating what it would be like to work in a juice shop. A few minutes later, I concluded that it would be bad because I would be standing all day and I would have to be nice to urban mothers who come in wearing their Lululemon yogawear but who have never set foot in a yoga class in their life and whose idea of fitness is to drink juice and wear Lulu leggings. (If this sounds like you, I have nothing against you and I’m sure you have a lot of wonderful qualities! Try yoga!) So instead, I asked my mom for a blender. I was going to open a smoothie bar in my kitchen. For myself. I mean, I wear Lululemon but my mom is a yoga teacher…that counts, right?? Please validate me.

It took a bit of convincing, but finally after about a year, I was blessed with the gift of a Vitamix. I was thrilled. It came with a little recipe book, complete with instructions for making all different kinds of smoothies and juices, which I promptly threw out. (Regret.) I wanted to be original, is that okay?!

Anyway, I rinsed the blender a little and opened the freezer in search of something to BLEND. What I discovered was rather disappointing: ice, waffles, frozen pizza, some oven dinners, and coconut based ice cream. I could absolutely make that work. I ended up blending ice, ice cream, and almond milk. I don’t think it was bad, per se, but I have never repeated that specific recipe, and I won’t.

I have since conquered the art of purchasing different fruits, freezing them, and then blending them the next day. I should also mention that I would never in my life have guessed just how much almond or soy milk I’d go through per week. But even so, the thought that I am going to wake up each morning and make myself a smoothie is sometimes all it takes for me to go to sleep at a reasonable time, or be excited for the next morning. Whenever I make a new recipe that I like, I write it down so I don’t forget it. My favorite summer smoothie was: frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, apple juice, and prosecco, mixed in AFTERWARD. (I consider myself British, where 18 is legal.)

Your thing, the thing that helps get you up in the morning, does not have to be thoughts of frozen fruit blending together with milk to create the gift of a refreshing and delicious breakfast, but if it is after reading this, I won’t be mad.

Here is my absolute favorite winter recipe so far:

  1. A Frozen banana, a substantial amount of almond milk, almond butter, 1 tbs chocolate protein powder, handful of coconut shavings, like 13 pumpkin seeds (for health reasons) and some flax seeds (you can’t even taste them)

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