I Don’t Like

Nine out of ten times, I give the other person the benefit of the doubt. The infamous glass? It’s always half full. See me walking down the street? I’m probably smiling a little bit. (I do this consciously because the alternative is that I look like Cruella de Vil) Even if I don’t like an experience, I’ll try not to complain about it and recall the lessons I learned from spending my time doing something I’m not into or wouldn’t do again. It’s just the way I like to roll, and it has worked pretty well for me throughout the past 20 years.

Okay, so. That being said, this is going to be a post about MY LEAST FAVORITE THINGS! Things that have bothered or do bother me. I feel like it’s good to get these things out there in the open because usually I keep them all bottled up inside and I don’t want them to give me grey hairs. And it’s good to know what you don’t like so that you can avoid it, or just be conscious of it. So, in no particular order, a list of things that are not my favorite:

*warning* I realize these are all very light and superficial. This is because this blog is completely self indulgent and meant to be an easy read that doesn’t cause you to think too much about terrible real world issues and if you’re looking for a place to do that, try looking literally anywhere else 😦

Alright without further ado, my list:

-When my mom sat closer to One Direction than I did at their concert*

-This one time when I was in Ireland and a random man punched me in the arm

-The movie version of “The Giver.” This was such a bad movie compared to such a lovely book. Yikes.

-Oh here’s one: when the waiter fills up my water and I’ve had only like seven sips. There’s nothing I like more than the satisfaction of finishing my water, but if you refill my water every I’ve taken three sips, I’ll never finish, and it’s just this giant waste. (Maybe there are better ways of conserving water…now that I think about it.)

-When people touch my computer screen. Like, would YOU like it if I punched you in the soul? I’d say probably you would not.

-Seeing people out of context. Like, who are you? I don’t know because you’re not where you usually are, that’s for sure.

-This one time I fake sneezed to get this attractive human being to say bless you to me at a coffee shop and it didn’t work. I can’t stop thinking about it. Try it and let me know if it works for you.

-On the subject of coffee shops: when there’s no wifi in the coffee shop. LIKE. Why set yourself up for failure when you could do literally anything else?

-When people tell me I look tired. Yes I realize this about myself because I am myself.

-When the uber drivers ask if I’m going home. NO I’M VISITING MY GUN CARRYING INSANE STEPDAD are you ready to die?? Side note, everyone switch to Lyft if you love yourself.

I think 10 things is enough for today. I encourage you to spend a few minutes thinking of 10 things that bother you, write them down, and burn the list with the hope that you shed some of that unwanted negativity. Or just to fire up your hatred even more. SO until next time, BYE!

*This one time (Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 at 7pm central time) I went to a One Direction concert. I got to go for free because a friend of my mom’s trusted me enough to take her daughter&friends to see the band. This was cool and all good and I had an idea. I wanted my mom and two very good friends of mine to also experience the beauty and grace that is Harry Styles. So, I picked out seats for them last minute, three together in a section that wasn’t too expensive and one of the only areas left where three could sit together. My seats for the show were on the floor, but about 30 rows back. Like maybe if you were Yao Ming you could see a little. The seats I chose for my mom and friends were in the second balcony, high up, so everything was visible. Now, we’d all been keeping in touch throughout the day, checking in at different points, so when my mom texted me and said she had arrived, I was very excited and asked where they were standing. She said if I looked to the left of the stage a few rows up, I could see them. OH COOL, I remember thinking, THEY’RE SO CLOSE BUT THEY’LL MOVE BECAUSE THAT’S NOT WHERE THEIR SEATS ARE AND THAT’S NOT EVEN A PLACE WHERE PEOPLE CAN SIT. But guess what. The show started, and they stayed there. And I couldn’t see and they STAYED THERE and I asked her to go to her seat and she STAYED THERE! Even security came and tried to kick her out and they stayed there. It took me about two minute to forgive my friends for staying there, but there are just things a mother shouldn’t do. I haven’t forgiven her and I never will. But I try not to think about it too much.

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Like

  1. Yes those seats were ROPED OFF with yellow “Do not cross this line” tape. Also, people who like details might want to know that I told security that we’d leave in ten minutes. As if we just wanted to sit there while the concert was NOT happening 😇


  2. I believe your mother. But I totally get it about water. i order ice tea in a restaurant, sweetened it to perfection, drink two sips and the waiter, the moment I turn away, refills my glass. WTH. I know this post is about YOU, but I wanted to show you my level of empathy goes deep….very deep!


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