I Had a Dream About You

When I was in college (tbt), one of my assignments for Fiction 1 was to write down my dreams for a week, pick the best one, turn it into a story, and hand it in. Lucky for me, I write down my dreams every time I have one. My favorite is when I wake up in the morning, unlock my phone, and see that it opens to a dream I’ve written down at 4am that I don’t recall at all.

Dreams have always fascinated me. I mean how could they not? Especially because mine have always been so strange. The first dream I can remember featured a beautiful tall dark haired angel in a green dress named Muriella who made me feel safe. I had that dream when I was nine years old and I decided I wanted to remember it forever. So I wrote it down. And I’ve been writing them down (on and off) ever since. Here’s my biggest observation: my dreams are crazy. Really crazy. And they’ll pretty much feature anyone I’ve ever met. If at this point you’ve become curious as to whether or not I’m going to share any of my crazy dreams with you, the answer is yes. And if you’re wondering whether or not I’ve had a dream about you, chances are that I have. Yes, you. I’m serious.

Here’s how my dream recounting works, in case you read this and want to try it out for yourself…

What you’ll need:

  1. (1) iPhone with Siri OR a pen and paper
  2. a dream

First, jolt awake at around 5am from an insane sleeping experience, then, before you do anything else, Siri or write down exactly why you woke up, without stopping, and then go back to sleep. Next, wake up in the morning. Usually, you’ll have no recollection of your dream until you open your phone or your notebook and read it back to yourself. Get ready for a wild ride.

Feel free to write down your dreams for a week and see what happens. I read that writing them down is good for your brain. But so is drinking bone broth and going to college. Anyway, here are a few of my dreams that my mom and I chose to share with the class. We chose from a long list, and all of the dreams are from 2016. I didn’t change the names because I’m totally wild and carefree. Enjoy!

A Collection of Dreams w/ Mother from Lily Fiske on Vimeo.

So…….until next time, BYE!


2 thoughts on “I Had a Dream About You

  1. Another stellar blog. Also you might want to add your first nightmare, which was that there was a cat with a frozen head. But it wasn’t frozen from the cold; it was just frozen in place. That was the entire plot. Things were simpler back then. We tracked the cat head back to something that had happened to Hermione 😀

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