College: A Success Guide

In the college paper writing spirit, I wanted to begin this post with a quote. So, I went on and searched “college”. Then, I looked for the one that spoke to me the most. I did not have to look far:

“I spent a college semester in a small town in Italy – and that is where I truly tasted food for the first time.” – Alton Brown

As you may or may not have suspected by now, this post is going to be about my college experience. I’ve been going to three colleges for the past few years now. After I discovered that Columbia College wasn’t enough for me, wasn’t really what I was looking for per se, I decided to experience what Oberlin College in Ohio had to offer, and now Pitzer College in California.

By and large, Pitzer and Oberlin are actuallythe same exact school. Here’s how I know this: last time I visited Oberlin, it was raining a lot. It’s currently raining a lot at Pitzer. There are students in both places, all here to learn.  These students seem to be so incredibly busy and can usually be found gathered together in small groups, talking, crying, and letting their creativity soar.

  • Over my past few years of attending college, I’d say I have discovered a few key things about succeeding. I’m here tonight to share them with you. So:You really don’t need to tell any authority figure at the college that you’ll be spending time there, and you can stay as long as you want. No one at the school will take notice of you because they think you just go there and they’ve never seen you before. The only time you could run into an issue here is in terms of meals, as dining halls usually require some form of identification upon entrance. You have one of two options here. Either you can find someone who looks similar to yourself (I tend to lean toward this option because I pretty much look like everyone), or you can bring food with you. If you choose this option, I’d recommend food that doesn’t spoil, depending on how long you’re staying. If it’s over a month, definitely ramen or dried mango.


  • Tapestries and fairy lights.


  • School spirit is possibly the most important because I’ve noticed it really helps in the forming of a community. There are many different ways to show your college spirit. For example, I got into the college spirit this week by not starting this blog post until about 30 minutes before I should have had it up! Before starting it however, I talked to everyone I saw about how much I needed to begin writing it.


I started this post with a quote, so I thought I’d end with one as well. I asked a most random collection of students from Oberlin and Pitzer to make a simile about college so far, since they obviously had a lot of time to do that for me. So without further ado, quotes:

“College is like the sequel to Spy Kids. What’s the point of it?” -Jamie

“College is like the Bachelor, only no one gets a rose.” -Morgan

“College is like swimming in a wetsuit that is too big for you.” -Molly

“College is like waking up and buzzing.” -Alex

“College is like high school except you’re cooler and you’re paying more.” -Linnea

Until next time, BYE!


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