Wanna Get Tacos?

While contemplating what to blog about today, I am sitting at the Intelligentsia in LA on Abbot Kinney. If you haven’t been here before, just imagine it’s like if Charlize Theron were a coffee shop. Looking around, I feel equally inspired and intimidated by the number of beautiful human beings here. (My only question is why are they playing exclusively Bjork albums???) Anyway, this noticing leads me to suddenly recall how much of a significant other I do not have. This doesn’t bother me exactly, but does show me a clear next step in my blogging career: compile a list of people who should buy me tacos! Hopefully by posting this on the internet, they’ll see it the next time they check my blog and hit me up. (Contact me here!) I would like to thank Intelligentsia coffee and Charlize Theron for being the inspiration behind this post. Here are people who should taco me:

 Jimmy Butler


Cara Delevingne


Kristen Stewart

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 3.35.25 p.m.

Zoe Kravitz


Ian Somerhalder


Dave Franco


Alfie Enoch


Mila Kunis


Suki Waterhouse


Phoebe Tonkin


Ezra Miller


Dream big everyone. And until next time, BYE!


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