I Intend To.

How do I write about traveling to Mexico without sounding privileged? That’s the question I asked while deciding what to blog about this week. I came to the conclusion that I actually cannot write about Mexico without sounding privileged, because as much as it doesn’t feel like it in some moments or in comparison to some people, I am. This post is kind of about that, but kind of not. Here, why don’t you just continue reading to find out what I mean… ūüôā

Since I was about nine, my mom has consistently taught me the importance of setting intentions, visualizing my future the way I want it to happen. Now that’s all fun and games until you set an intention in front of 50 people to be on Oprah…and then get on Oprah. If I ever doubted the value of intention setting, I didn’t from that moment on. To this day, I am constantly visualizing how I want my life to look, from there will be no traffic on the way to work¬†to¬†I will meet Harry Styles in an elevator.¬†Intention setting also works the opposite way¬†too, though. An example of this would be I’ll never get to work on time and a more serious example would be¬†I’m so unhappy with my life.

When I left college, I knew that in addition to¬†the fact that I didn’t want to owe money to a system I didn’t¬†agree with (different post, keep ya eyes peeled!!), I did want¬†to travel as much as possible…with as little expense¬†as possible. So I set an intention to do so. However, I didn’t really specify where or how–which can be not very¬†fabulous¬†when setting intentions, let me tell you. But I’m glad I didn’t. Since I made the choice to leave college, I’ve been to London, Ireland, Mexico, Aruba, and Mexico. It’s been nice. Like I’m on tour.

Despite not traveling to the depths of the rainforest and climbing to the top of a tree that was about to be torn down for capitalism and refusing to relocate, saying, “If you take this tree down, you’ll have to take me down with it!” (I’d be down to do that, but they’d probably be like uhhh…okay), I have¬†actually learned one or two things about life through my travels. Okay? Like:

How to pack a carry on suitcase for any trip for any length of time (blog post to come!)

How to be grateful (there is nothing like living in a place where all water is safe to drink. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live in a place full of abundance and wealth, and often I take for granted what I’ve been given).

How to say no to drugs (sometimes people offer and you just gotta strongly shut them down @Lucy @Molly)

How to put a glass over a bug and take it far far away.

How to bargain (this is so helpful if you want a bracelet but you want it to be 50 cents instead of 5 dollars, AND this is something I never thought I would do or be good at).

How to be comfortable with the uncertain…It’s fine to miss a flight, go to the wrong airport, get stuck somewhere, take the completely incorrect bus (yes all of these things have happened¬†to me) because it’s all the same earth.

And speaking of the same earth, this may be a childish view and I’m going to express it as simply as possible, but after traveling to 7 countries (so far!) I just feel like hate is dumb. Hate of other religions, races, cultures, etc. is dumb because we are literally all just people and we all live on the same earth and we all need to take care of each other and the world together.¬†That’s my foreign policy.

How to set trip intentions (this is kind of a paradox because the intention I set¬†for my trips is to not have any intentions at all. A trip intention could also be “Omg I wanna come back here!“)

The first time I visited Mexico at the end of¬†summer 2016, I felt something in the air that I loved. The smell of salt, the temperature, the breeze, that I wasn’t in Chicago, that I could practice my terrible Spanish surrounded by people willing to help and laugh with me about it? Who knows. Probably all. Probably more. But after my visit, I set an intention to go back, sooner rather than later. And then, even sooner than I could have possibly imagined, there I was. Back in Mexico with Lucy. So when I left, I set another intention to return soon. I mean, it couldn’t hurt right? Right. Because there¬†I was¬†again. I am inspired by beautiful things, people (whatever that looks like to you – it’s different for everyone), and being out of my element lets me think about new things and think about old things with a different perspective. But possibly my biggest takeaway is¬†learning to do that from wherever I am in the world. Even here at the new Lakeview Whole Foods. #consumerismtothemax

So wherever you are in the world, think about some stuff, from your unique perspective. And until next time, BYE!


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