New York, Same Me

Every time I go to New York, magic happens. Whether it be fashion and clothing magic, seeing famous people magic (who by the way are just like us!) or just breathing the New York air, my belief in magic strengthens each time I pay the city a visit. So in honor of going there next week, I will talk a little bit about my history with the place.


I’d like to begin by saying that it was love at first sight.

I visited New York for the first time in December of 2009 as a pre 8th grade graduation gift from my dad’s girlfriend at the time. She lived there, so my dad and I had a place to stay: with her. She had a daughter who was older than I was, already a college graduate, so she wanted to take me shopping reminiscent, I imagine, of times spent with her own daughter. I felt elated, like I was perched upon a cloud…cloud nine, one might even go so far as to call it, floating from store to store, able to pause wherever I wanted and try on clothing.
Different brands and designers, how clothing changed throughout the years and even the seasons were concepts unknown to me at the time. I was simply picking out what I liked. Floating into a small boutique, I hopped off my cloud of joy and onto solid ground to try on a pair of heels that caught my eye. I was 14 at the time, and did not yet possess my very own pair of heels. The shoes I’d spotted were black and strappy, with gold accents like little studs all around the straps. The shop had one pair left, only in my size: 7-1/2. I had found my first love in the form of five inch black heels and I needed them. The woman who worked at the store apparently agreed, as storeowners usually do. She whipped out a camera from behind the checkout and asked to take my photo for her store’s website. I looked to my dad, who nodded proudly. She snapped away while I posed in a very 14-year-old way throughout her shop. I felt like a superstar. And I got the shoes. AND I ended up purchasing my graduation dress in New York too. (My graduation outfit was an absolute success, if I do say so myself. Not too much, not too little.) 
I knew when I left that I had to go back, but I didn’t know how I was ever going to top that first trip. I soon found that New York always lives up to my expectations. Since then, I have had countless adventures in New York. (Like the time I was 5th in line at a Kanye pop up shop and then had to buy something so I chose the cheapest thing which was…not cheap. Or the times I’ve seen Stanley Tucci casually going about his day, or the time I was recognized for the most obscure photoshoot I was ever in.) Even if I go there for work, I like to escape and go exploring. I have come to discover a few places that I would recommend, and some I would like to keep secret. I’ll get to the recommending now:
The Statue of Liberty! That’s a joke I’ve actually never seen her.
The Big Apple! I’m sorry. Here we go for real, now.
Black Seed Bagels (have you ever heard about NYC bagels? Try one here)
Standing outside Casey Neistat’s studio and waiting for him (368 Broadway)
East River Tattoo (if you’re in the market)
Gansevoort Market (this is an indoor market and there’s a waterfall)
The Strand (It’s a bookstore. You’ve probably heard people either make fun of it or say it’s really cool)
New York Public Library (I am not joking about this.)
Jack’s Wife Freda (You get food here)
Literally anything and anywhere in Williamsburg  😉
You could also see theatre. I hear it’s good there.
I’ve been making a list of places to visit and to revisit in this beautiful city for a long time, and I have many many more, depending on what you’re looking for. I also have people who would be more than happy to give you recommendations so absolutely let me know what you’d like to do when you’re in NYC.

And until next time, BYE!


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