Guess Who’s Back

Hi it’s Lily here. Remember me? The one who blogs every Monday? No? Okay, allow me to reintroduce myself: I’m Lily and I blog every Monday! Nice to meet you. That’s all we’re going to be saying on that subject. Alright, on to the blog:

I am moving. I am moving to a new home in a new neighborhood. So naturally I have been procrastinating packing my room by venturing onto the internet and diving into the deep and frightening abyss that is YouTube. Of all the YouTube videos I watched while trying to avoid the looming task ahead, I kept returning to a very specific one. Funnily enough, this video actually has me in it. And my mom! (Yeah I realize she’s actually the star of my blog. Thanks for your feedback.)

The idea for this video was not my own. There are thousands like it on YouTube. I noticed this while I was watching thousands of videos on YouTube. Mine, however, is unmistakably the best with its iMovie editing, SoundCloud track in the background, and most importantly, my Chicago accent. The video about which I am talking is the How Well Do We Know Each Other challenge. When I recorded that video, my mom and I had been living together for twenty years, and to this day still consider ourselves…relatively close. Pun. So naturally we thought we had this challenge in the bag. If you would like to see for yourself, then feel free to watch the video below!

This video was so fun to film that we have been tempted to do another one ever since. Let me know if you would like to see that, and I’ll make sure it happens. If you have ever wanted to know how much your mother or father or sister or brother or even best friend knows about you, I highly suggest this challenge to help you figure that out! Feel free to use our questions or write your own. For bonus points, record it and post it on the internet for the whole world (excluding North Korea) to see!


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