So You Wanna Move to LA

Ever since I moved to Los Angeles, people have been begging me to write something, anything, about it. Where exactly do you live? What has it all been like? Have you seen anyone famous? What does a day in your life look like? I’m thinking of moving to LA, do you have any tips? Well, don’t worry Mom, all your burning questions will be answered.

I moved to LA on January 15th, 2018. I had been planning to move here for about a year before I actually did it, but I was comfortable in Chicago. I was living at home, not paying rent, I had a solid job and several coffee shops where people would ask me, “The usual?” So why, you might be wondering, did I decide to make such a change? Well, that’s just the reason. I was too comfortable, and I knew I had to do something about it. The next question was: Los Angeles or New York City? And so, as winter in Chicago rolled around last year, I decided on LA. As I focused my attention more and more on the fact that I knew I was going to be relocating here, things (like housing, bedding, working) began to fall steadily into place.

I live in Echo Park on top of a hill with a lovely Hollywood sign view, I sleep on a bed I received from Steven, and I work as a social media manager and front desk connoisseur for Samarasa Center. Every morning I wake up feeling like I’m on vacation. I know that may sound good to you, so I’m going to be fully transparent about tips, trick, and things I have learned in the past two months so you don’t come here oblivious to it all, not knowing what to expect. Here we go:

If you move to LA, you will always know if Mercury is in retrograde. If it is not, you will know when it will be. Example: say you’re putting a lid on your iced latte with oat milk, but the ice makes it so a little drop of coffee spills out the side and onto the white marble counter top that you put the lid on. “Mercury goes into retrograde next Thursday,” your barista might say, sympathetically. This year, Mercury will be in retrograde March 23 to April 15, July 26 to August 19, and November 17 to December 6.

Say you want something from your mom. You have to call her first to check in, and gauge her mood at the precise moment. You never know what you’re going to get because you are no longer living with her. Example: You are working at a yoga center and only have black leggings. You want to switch it up but you know how pricey Lulu Lemon can be. You call your mom, but before asking her to split the cost with you, be sure to ask how she’s doing and go from there. She could be in the “you live alone and have a job” mood, or the “I miss you so much, why don’t you just tell me which leggings you like best” mood.

You can never have enough pasta sauce. Example: you have to make food for yourself.

Get used to famous people. I don’t mean A-listers. I mean that sometimes, people I know come into the yoga center. I’m not going to name any names but I am going to tell you how I deal with this when it happens. Firstly, I act like I have no idea who they are. This is a strategy that I wouldn’t think works for me but surprisingly it does. Example: a C-list celebrity whose Instagram you now know by heart comes to the desk to check in for pilates. You say “remind me of your name again?”

Get free coffee whenever and wherever you can. The amount I am going to spend on coffee per year, if my calculations are correct, is appalling. I am appalled with myself. I recently purchased a French press in the hopes that it might help me spend less on coffee. I have yet to open the French press. Or buy coffee to use with it. Or figure out how to use it. Example: Someone at work says they are making coffee and asks if you want some. You tell them that you do.
I know that was only five tips, but I do have more. Like how to save money on food. Cheezits, for example, are only $1.99 at Walgreens. Let me know if you are veering one way or another on the moving to LA scale, or if you need a little more information before making a final choice.

And until next time, BYE!


How to Embarrass Your Mom in One Simple Step

Due to high demand, I have decided to start blogging again. It was a tough choice, since I originally put my blog on pause because I stopped feeling inspired to share my life with people. But I have had a few sips of coffee since then, so here I am.

The post that I have decided to reopen my blog with is a tutorial video. I know how everyone likes to learn new things, you see. I am using my mom in this example, however feel free to substitute whoever you please into this scenario of embarrassment.

This particular video was filmed before I colored my hair the exact color that I dislike the most as a hair color, and as my mom and I were procrastinating packing our house to move into a gayer part of Chicago: Andersonville! Here is where the embarrassment comes into play. During the packing process, we came across some real gold: my mom’s box of old letters to and from her lovers and admirers. The earliest of these letters were from when she was 14 years old. (I would like to add here that nothing has changed since then. About her, or her admirers.)

So, “what is the One Simple Step to embarrassing my mom?” you ask? It’s this: read her old letters back to her while filming it! Please enjoy!

And until next time, BYE!

Guess Who’s Back

Hi it’s Lily here. Remember me? The one who blogs every Monday? No? Okay, allow me to reintroduce myself: I’m Lily and I blog every Monday! Nice to meet you. That’s all we’re going to be saying on that subject. Alright, on to the blog:

I am moving. I am moving to a new home in a new neighborhood. So naturally I have been procrastinating packing my room by venturing onto the internet and diving into the deep and frightening abyss that is YouTube. Of all the YouTube videos I watched while trying to avoid the looming task ahead, I kept returning to a very specific one. Funnily enough, this video actually has me in it. And my mom! (Yeah I realize she’s actually the star of my blog. Thanks for your feedback.)

The idea for this video was not my own. There are thousands like it on YouTube. I noticed this while I was watching thousands of videos on YouTube. Mine, however, is unmistakably the best with its iMovie editing, SoundCloud track in the background, and most importantly, my Chicago accent. The video about which I am talking is the How Well Do We Know Each Other challenge. When I recorded that video, my mom and I had been living together for twenty years, and to this day still consider ourselves…relatively close. Pun. So naturally we thought we had this challenge in the bag. If you would like to see for yourself, then feel free to watch the video below!

This video was so fun to film that we have been tempted to do another one ever since. Let me know if you would like to see that, and I’ll make sure it happens. If you have ever wanted to know how much your mother or father or sister or brother or even best friend knows about you, I highly suggest this challenge to help you figure that out! Feel free to use our questions or write your own. For bonus points, record it and post it on the internet for the whole world (excluding North Korea) to see!

New York, Same Me

Every time I go to New York, magic happens. Whether it be fashion and clothing magic, seeing famous people magic (who by the way are just like us!) or just breathing the New York air, my belief in magic strengthens each time I pay the city a visit. So in honor of going there next week, I will talk a little bit about my history with the place.


I’d like to begin by saying that it was love at first sight.

I visited New York for the first time in December of 2009 as a pre 8th grade graduation gift from my dad’s girlfriend at the time. She lived there, so my dad and I had a place to stay: with her. She had a daughter who was older than I was, already a college graduate, so she wanted to take me shopping reminiscent, I imagine, of times spent with her own daughter. I felt elated, like I was perched upon a cloud…cloud nine, one might even go so far as to call it, floating from store to store, able to pause wherever I wanted and try on clothing.
Different brands and designers, how clothing changed throughout the years and even the seasons were concepts unknown to me at the time. I was simply picking out what I liked. Floating into a small boutique, I hopped off my cloud of joy and onto solid ground to try on a pair of heels that caught my eye. I was 14 at the time, and did not yet possess my very own pair of heels. The shoes I’d spotted were black and strappy, with gold accents like little studs all around the straps. The shop had one pair left, only in my size: 7-1/2. I had found my first love in the form of five inch black heels and I needed them. The woman who worked at the store apparently agreed, as storeowners usually do. She whipped out a camera from behind the checkout and asked to take my photo for her store’s website. I looked to my dad, who nodded proudly. She snapped away while I posed in a very 14-year-old way throughout her shop. I felt like a superstar. And I got the shoes. AND I ended up purchasing my graduation dress in New York too. (My graduation outfit was an absolute success, if I do say so myself. Not too much, not too little.) 
I knew when I left that I had to go back, but I didn’t know how I was ever going to top that first trip. I soon found that New York always lives up to my expectations. Since then, I have had countless adventures in New York. (Like the time I was 5th in line at a Kanye pop up shop and then had to buy something so I chose the cheapest thing which was…not cheap. Or the times I’ve seen Stanley Tucci casually going about his day, or the time I was recognized for the most obscure photoshoot I was ever in.) Even if I go there for work, I like to escape and go exploring. I have come to discover a few places that I would recommend, and some I would like to keep secret. I’ll get to the recommending now:
The Statue of Liberty! That’s a joke I’ve actually never seen her.
The Big Apple! I’m sorry. Here we go for real, now.
Black Seed Bagels (have you ever heard about NYC bagels? Try one here)
Standing outside Casey Neistat’s studio and waiting for him (368 Broadway)
East River Tattoo (if you’re in the market)
Gansevoort Market (this is an indoor market and there’s a waterfall)
The Strand (It’s a bookstore. You’ve probably heard people either make fun of it or say it’s really cool)
New York Public Library (I am not joking about this.)
Jack’s Wife Freda (You get food here)
Literally anything and anywhere in Williamsburg  😉
You could also see theatre. I hear it’s good there.
I’ve been making a list of places to visit and to revisit in this beautiful city for a long time, and I have many many more, depending on what you’re looking for. I also have people who would be more than happy to give you recommendations so absolutely let me know what you’d like to do when you’re in NYC.

And until next time, BYE!

I Intend To.

How do I write about traveling to Mexico without sounding privileged? That’s the question I asked while deciding what to blog about this week. I came to the conclusion that I actually cannot write about Mexico without sounding privileged, because as much as it doesn’t feel like it in some moments or in comparison to some people, I am. This post is kind of about that, but kind of not. Here, why don’t you just continue reading to find out what I mean… 🙂

Since I was about nine, my mom has consistently taught me the importance of setting intentions, visualizing my future the way I want it to happen. Now that’s all fun and games until you set an intention in front of 50 people to be on Oprah…and then get on Oprah. If I ever doubted the value of intention setting, I didn’t from that moment on. To this day, I am constantly visualizing how I want my life to look, from there will be no traffic on the way to work to I will meet Harry Styles in an elevator. Intention setting also works the opposite way too, though. An example of this would be I’ll never get to work on time and a more serious example would be I’m so unhappy with my life.

When I left college, I knew that in addition to the fact that I didn’t want to owe money to a system I didn’t agree with (different post, keep ya eyes peeled!!), I did want to travel as much as possible…with as little expense as possible. So I set an intention to do so. However, I didn’t really specify where or how–which can be not very fabulous when setting intentions, let me tell you. But I’m glad I didn’t. Since I made the choice to leave college, I’ve been to London, Ireland, Mexico, Aruba, and Mexico. It’s been nice. Like I’m on tour.

Despite not traveling to the depths of the rainforest and climbing to the top of a tree that was about to be torn down for capitalism and refusing to relocate, saying, “If you take this tree down, you’ll have to take me down with it!” (I’d be down to do that, but they’d probably be like uhhh…okay), I have actually learned one or two things about life through my travels. Okay? Like:

How to pack a carry on suitcase for any trip for any length of time (blog post to come!)

How to be grateful (there is nothing like living in a place where all water is safe to drink. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live in a place full of abundance and wealth, and often I take for granted what I’ve been given).

How to say no to drugs (sometimes people offer and you just gotta strongly shut them down @Lucy @Molly)

How to put a glass over a bug and take it far far away.

How to bargain (this is so helpful if you want a bracelet but you want it to be 50 cents instead of 5 dollars, AND this is something I never thought I would do or be good at).

How to be comfortable with the uncertain…It’s fine to miss a flight, go to the wrong airport, get stuck somewhere, take the completely incorrect bus (yes all of these things have happened to me) because it’s all the same earth.

And speaking of the same earth, this may be a childish view and I’m going to express it as simply as possible, but after traveling to 7 countries (so far!) I just feel like hate is dumb. Hate of other religions, races, cultures, etc. is dumb because we are literally all just people and we all live on the same earth and we all need to take care of each other and the world together. That’s my foreign policy.

How to set trip intentions (this is kind of a paradox because the intention I set for my trips is to not have any intentions at all. A trip intention could also be “Omg I wanna come back here!“)

The first time I visited Mexico at the end of summer 2016, I felt something in the air that I loved. The smell of salt, the temperature, the breeze, that I wasn’t in Chicago, that I could practice my terrible Spanish surrounded by people willing to help and laugh with me about it? Who knows. Probably all. Probably more. But after my visit, I set an intention to go back, sooner rather than later. And then, even sooner than I could have possibly imagined, there I was. Back in Mexico with Lucy. So when I left, I set another intention to return soon. I mean, it couldn’t hurt right? Right. Because there I was again. I am inspired by beautiful things, people (whatever that looks like to you – it’s different for everyone), and being out of my element lets me think about new things and think about old things with a different perspective. But possibly my biggest takeaway is learning to do that from wherever I am in the world. Even here at the new Lakeview Whole Foods. #consumerismtothemax

So wherever you are in the world, think about some stuff, from your unique perspective. And until next time, BYE!

A Beautiful Disaster

I have always been interested in makeup, as you can see here. I would not want to claim to be professional enough to offer a tutorial on the noble art of makeup application. (Actually, I would want to…but this is not that post.) Rather than share my vast knowledge, I muted the sound, and I had my mom, whose look I have previously referred to as Makeup-less Lesbianism, do the voiceover. At this point you may be thinking, “What a beautiful disaster!” You are correct.

I did not let my mom watch the video first. I showed her how to press the red “voice record” button, asked her to comment upon the soundless video she is watching, and click the red button once the video ended. She emerged from seclusion in her closet with the door closed unsure whether her voiceover was satisfactory. But I was blown away by her underground knowledge of makeup application, and I want to share it with the world.

This was an interesting experience for me on a different level, too. Muting myself and letting my mom speak for me made me wary. What does she really know about makeup? Would I be annoyed, feel powerless, if my own voice and knowledge were not heard? All of these emotions, I realized, were valid ways to feel, but letting go of control is an important life exercise–and unlike real life, I could always just press “delete.”

So, please enjoy. A full list of products used is absolutely not included; however, I am completely open to sponsorships! @MAC

Thank you so much for watching and until next time, BYE!

Wanna Get Tacos?

While contemplating what to blog about today, I am sitting at the Intelligentsia in LA on Abbot Kinney. If you haven’t been here before, just imagine it’s like if Charlize Theron were a coffee shop. Looking around, I feel equally inspired and intimidated by the number of beautiful human beings here. (My only question is why are they playing exclusively Bjork albums???) Anyway, this noticing leads me to suddenly recall how much of a significant other I do not have. This doesn’t bother me exactly, but does show me a clear next step in my blogging career: compile a list of people who should buy me tacos! Hopefully by posting this on the internet, they’ll see it the next time they check my blog and hit me up. (Contact me here!) I would like to thank Intelligentsia coffee and Charlize Theron for being the inspiration behind this post. Here are people who should taco me:

 Jimmy Butler


Cara Delevingne


Kristen Stewart

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 3.35.25 p.m.

Zoe Kravitz


Ian Somerhalder


Dave Franco


Alfie Enoch


Mila Kunis


Suki Waterhouse


Phoebe Tonkin


Ezra Miller


Dream big everyone. And until next time, BYE!

College: A Success Guide

In the college paper writing spirit, I wanted to begin this post with a quote. So, I went on and searched “college”. Then, I looked for the one that spoke to me the most. I did not have to look far:

“I spent a college semester in a small town in Italy – and that is where I truly tasted food for the first time.” – Alton Brown

As you may or may not have suspected by now, this post is going to be about my college experience. I’ve been going to three colleges for the past few years now. After I discovered that Columbia College wasn’t enough for me, wasn’t really what I was looking for per se, I decided to experience what Oberlin College in Ohio had to offer, and now Pitzer College in California.

By and large, Pitzer and Oberlin are actuallythe same exact school. Here’s how I know this: last time I visited Oberlin, it was raining a lot. It’s currently raining a lot at Pitzer. There are students in both places, all here to learn.  These students seem to be so incredibly busy and can usually be found gathered together in small groups, talking, crying, and letting their creativity soar.

  • Over my past few years of attending college, I’d say I have discovered a few key things about succeeding. I’m here tonight to share them with you. So:You really don’t need to tell any authority figure at the college that you’ll be spending time there, and you can stay as long as you want. No one at the school will take notice of you because they think you just go there and they’ve never seen you before. The only time you could run into an issue here is in terms of meals, as dining halls usually require some form of identification upon entrance. You have one of two options here. Either you can find someone who looks similar to yourself (I tend to lean toward this option because I pretty much look like everyone), or you can bring food with you. If you choose this option, I’d recommend food that doesn’t spoil, depending on how long you’re staying. If it’s over a month, definitely ramen or dried mango.


  • Tapestries and fairy lights.


  • School spirit is possibly the most important because I’ve noticed it really helps in the forming of a community. There are many different ways to show your college spirit. For example, I got into the college spirit this week by not starting this blog post until about 30 minutes before I should have had it up! Before starting it however, I talked to everyone I saw about how much I needed to begin writing it.


I started this post with a quote, so I thought I’d end with one as well. I asked a most random collection of students from Oberlin and Pitzer to make a simile about college so far, since they obviously had a lot of time to do that for me. So without further ado, quotes:

“College is like the sequel to Spy Kids. What’s the point of it?” -Jamie

“College is like the Bachelor, only no one gets a rose.” -Morgan

“College is like swimming in a wetsuit that is too big for you.” -Molly

“College is like waking up and buzzing.” -Alex

“College is like high school except you’re cooler and you’re paying more.” -Linnea

Until next time, BYE!

I Had a Dream About You

When I was in college (tbt), one of my assignments for Fiction 1 was to write down my dreams for a week, pick the best one, turn it into a story, and hand it in. Lucky for me, I write down my dreams every time I have one. My favorite is when I wake up in the morning, unlock my phone, and see that it opens to a dream I’ve written down at 4am that I don’t recall at all.

Dreams have always fascinated me. I mean how could they not? Especially because mine have always been so strange. The first dream I can remember featured a beautiful tall dark haired angel in a green dress named Muriella who made me feel safe. I had that dream when I was nine years old and I decided I wanted to remember it forever. So I wrote it down. And I’ve been writing them down (on and off) ever since. Here’s my biggest observation: my dreams are crazy. Really crazy. And they’ll pretty much feature anyone I’ve ever met. If at this point you’ve become curious as to whether or not I’m going to share any of my crazy dreams with you, the answer is yes. And if you’re wondering whether or not I’ve had a dream about you, chances are that I have. Yes, you. I’m serious.

Here’s how my dream recounting works, in case you read this and want to try it out for yourself…

What you’ll need:

  1. (1) iPhone with Siri OR a pen and paper
  2. a dream

First, jolt awake at around 5am from an insane sleeping experience, then, before you do anything else, Siri or write down exactly why you woke up, without stopping, and then go back to sleep. Next, wake up in the morning. Usually, you’ll have no recollection of your dream until you open your phone or your notebook and read it back to yourself. Get ready for a wild ride.

Feel free to write down your dreams for a week and see what happens. I read that writing them down is good for your brain. But so is drinking bone broth and going to college. Anyway, here are a few of my dreams that my mom and I chose to share with the class. We chose from a long list, and all of the dreams are from 2016. I didn’t change the names because I’m totally wild and carefree. Enjoy!

A Collection of Dreams w/ Mother from Lily Fiske on Vimeo.

So…….until next time, BYE!

I’m Also a Chef

Several days ago while minding my own business for the most part, I was suddenly visited by the desire to make almond milk. This was a new desire for me, but that did not prevent me from taking a moment to stop and think about whether or not it would be a good idea. After some weighing of the pros and cons of creating almond milk in my kitchen from scratch, I decided there were no cons and only pros. Also, I had a giant bag of almonds.

For some reason, I decided that I was going to make these almonds similarly to how I make rice, in that I would soak two cups of almonds in four cups of water. (I think you’re supposed to use that proportion with rice…) I proceeded to do that and then let them sit overnight.

I spent the next day out frolicking around, but when I got home, I was thrilled to start the true almond milk making process (which you can watch below. Yes, I filmed it. Yes, you’re welcome). I also decided to add dates because dates are a gift. I was so incredibly pleased with the way this almond milk turned out. If you’d like to purchase any from me, please contact me through the “contact” page of my blog. Thank you.

“This is the best almond milk I’ve ever had!” -My mom

“This was really good almond milk!” -My mom

“This almond milk was so good!” -My mom

Now, please enjoy this video:

How to Make Almond Milk from Lily Fiske on Vimeo.

If you’re feelin’ reckless, check out my other video on Vimeo as well! Until next time, BYE!